CASE STUDY: Hunter and Coastal Scouts Region Camp in Corroboree 2017-2018

Product Number: JM010

Description: Thermo Drink Bottle

Industry: Youth Organisation

What it was purchased for: The item was purchased for the Hunter and Coastal Scouts Region Camp in Corroboree 2017-2018.

How it was distributed: On the first day of the five-day camp/hike each attendee was given a bottle each to use during their stay.

Result or ROI: The feedback was extremely positive. The bottles kept the water "crazy cold" in the summer heat. The customer was especially happy with the insulation capabilities. They said, "Even when the bottles were left out in the 40 degree heat the water was still cold after many hours." Because of this benefit, the customer said they would only order insulted water bottles in the future. Above all, the children loved taking the bottles home as a souvenir of their adventure.

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