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  • Tarpauline Backpack

    Tarpauline Backpack

    G1691 - Tarpauline Backpack

  • Premium reflective back sack

    Premium reflective back sack

    G1411 - Premium reflective back sack

  • Executive trolley backpack

    Executive trolley backpack

    G1019 - Executive trolley backpack

  • Circuit Satchel

    Circuit Satchel

    This single zippered satchel is a handy way to keep all your files and paperwork together in a business-like package.

  • Exton Business Satchel

    Exton Business Satchel

    A sleek, contemporary design. Ideal for the corporate entrepreneur on the move.

  • Hunter Sling Backpack

    Hunter Sling Backpack


  • Piper Backpack

    Piper Backpack


  • Barossa Backpack

    Barossa Backpack


  • Gippsland Backpack

    Gippsland Backpack


  • Longreach Backpack

    Longreach Backpack


  • P.E.T. Document Satchel.

    P.E.T. Document Satchel.

    Our PET Document Satchel is eco-friendly and easy going.Made using recycled PET bottles, it features contrasting flap and side release clips.

  • 100% P.E.T. Document Satchel.

    100% P.E.T. Document Satchel.

    Made using 100% recycled PET bottles, the PET Satchel is casual

  • Sidekick Backpack

    Sidekick Backpack

    Grab your trusty sidekick and away you go! The Sidekick Backpack offers exciting colourways and a handy 25L capacity – the perfect companion.

  • Negotiator Satchel

    Negotiator Satchel

    Confidently negotiate your way through every conference with this casual satchel. Comes with handy multi-function organiser with Velcro closure.

  • Delegate Satchel

    Delegate Satchel

    Carry it over your shoulder or in your hand, the Delegate Satchel shows off its versatility wherever you go.

  • Baby Chino

    Baby Chino

    Small in size, but lightweight, strong and comfortable, the Baby Chino backpack is a handy way to carry your gear.

  • Twist Backpack

    Twist Backpack

    Value for money and versatile, the Twist provides a bright, practical backpack alternative.

  • Economy Satchel

    Economy Satchel

    Sturdy and business-like, the Economy Satchel is ideal for people on the move.

  • Basic Backpack

    Basic Backpack

    The sleek design of the Basic Backpack complements its simplicity and will appeal to those with an eye for style. Features include contrasting panels and white trim.

  • Sunset Sling Backpack

    Sunset Sling Backpack

    Throw on the Sunset Sling, with featured horizontal zip, for getting to the train, catching the plane or meeting friends.

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