Products : Housewares (777)

  • Top Chop
  • Chateau Coaster Set
  • Ploughman
  • 'Give the fly a chance' flyswatter
  • Plastic with stainless steel garlic cutter
  • Set of 5 coloured kitchen knives
  • Plastic bottle opener in the shape of a funny face
  • Stainless steel bottle opener
  • Plastic bottle opener
  • Aluminium bottle opener in a classic shape
  • Mini Fridge.  (Not for the UK or Ireland)
  • Lens and screen cleaning spray (30 ml) with a cloth
  • Parking disc and ice scraper
  • Stainless steel and PP fourteen piece kitchen
  • Can with Dutch pattern, for Dutch waffles
  • Dutch waffles
  • Citronella candle in a glass jar.
  • Piro Bluetooth Speaker
  • Sound Block Speaker
  • Palm Mini Bluetooth Speaker
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